9 Reasons Why Fashion Brands Should Consider PLM Software


In the competitive world, every business is working to increase their productivity, and profitability and to deliver quality products and services. The business which offers quality products and services is getting more customers. Every day, the demand in the market is increasing with the new trends. Furthermore, businesses have started launching innovative projects, and products to attract customers. Therefore, during the process of innovation and development of a new project, the companies are facing numerous problems and issues. The employees are facing difficulties in communication, not getting exact information or updates regarding the project or product they are working on. To overcome these difficulties, PLM software is introduced. 


Let us dig into the detailed view of the PLM concept and how it empowers the fashion industry.


PLM for Fashion Brands

PLM systems are used by the fashion industry to lower production costs, improve the launch of new goods, and cut costs associated with product development. With fashion PLM, a company can improve the product quality, product cost, and time to the market.

Consequently, fashion brands around the world are facing challenges every season. A fashion PLM controls a capable and transparent idea flow. It delivers enough documentation over all the departments under a particular project. Fundamentally, Product life cycle management enables you to maximize the use of your current resources while enhancing your agility. 

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9 Reasons Why Fashion Brands Should Consider PLM Software

Collaborative Planning and Implementation

Businesses are working to provide a quick and better customer-centric product. Effective collaborative working can make it happen. 

PLM software can help you have a collaborative working environment. Furthermore, it allows effective collaboration among the various stakeholders including designers, developers, customers, suppliers, etc.

Consequently, Product Lifecycle Management can help you maintain details. It can help you plan and implement the exact product and process requirements without any errors. 


Easy to Use

Product lifecycle management is an easy-to-use and powerful centralized system. It can configure and make it easy for you to design and manufacture your company products. It makes the workflow in organized way which can drive your process faster with timely delivery. Furthermore, the software is developed with multiple options. Hence, it makes communication better and easy with the customers or other stakeholders.


Cost and Budget

With Product lifecycle management, For buyers, you can create style cost sheets. Can set purchase budgets inside cost sheets. Control color and size level pricing. Set or item package cost estimates can be defined (for example lingerie, baby wear, etc.). Create a cost and margin exception approval process. The PLM can enable an automatic billing of materials (BOM). It allows you to set the budget and cost for your product and materials based on the updated and accurate rate. It also avoids costly mistakes.

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Risk Management

In the current business world, risk management is forecasting and estimating the risk factors by working on them throughout the product development. It identifies the risk, analyzes it, and makes a plan to manage the risk factors. For an organization to be maintained and developed, it is mandatory to have well-planned risk management, design, and implementation. The firm can easily accomplish the anticipated results and ROI with the aid of PLM Risk Management solutions, which can also assist in helping the organization stay on schedule with its deliverables and track progress through milestones.


Excluding the Duplicate

There is no possibility of duplication when using a PLM platform because each team member can see which tasks have already been completed and which are still in progress. Every team leader and project manager can view the process and task of all the members of the team. The information is well-maintained with every update. The workflow will be smooth without mistakes.


Data Incorporation

Aligning the entire data throughout the organization is challenging. Entering and maintaining data into other systems end to end is a time-wasting process. It can cause some errors and unreliable data entry in the project. 

PLM can enhance the process of data integration. Also, it can store and maintain exact data for product development. Every department and team will have access to the data, which will help them develop a high-quality product. It connects all the teams and departments to work collaboratively with the real-time data.

Additionally, it also tracks and records the time taken to process to complete the project. No images, formulas, or data stored will get lost. As the data are well maintained in the PLM, the auditors don’t have the work of searching for a particular hard copy or soft copy of a document for compliance or for any other data. 


Reporting and Tracking

Tracking the real-time data and reporting at the right time will be a major advantage in processing a project. The best fashion PLM software will help you have clear data tracking during production. This can help you fasten your process. It can also track compliances and can create a requirement list from the vendor.


Collaboration Throughout The Product Lifecycle

Better collaboration in the work help you deliver a quality product. PLM offers you the opportunity to have a better collaboration with every team and also with the customers throughout the product lifecycle. These collaborations can help you increase productivity. Furthermore, it eliminates manual errors.

Additionally, partners can work confidently together with all the required data, information, and updates like size, shape, measurement, formula, color, scheme, design, data, etc.


Reduced Time to Market

While thinking of the time to market as a priority, the PLM platform can offer you some of the major characteristics like Flexible lifecycle management, data integration, reporting, risk factor management, 3D prototyping, and workflow management, Project task management. With these features and specifications, you can launch or deliver your project on time to the market. 


Where to Get the Best PLM Software Solution?

Software and technologies are growing day by day. Many businesses have started to launch competitive platforms and software to attract customers and increase their productivity. Likewise, PLM is one of the most wanted software by many growing companies and businesses. 

A number of companies are offering a PLM software solution, but among them, KloudPLM is considered to be a notable solution developed with all the requirements and features. Thus, KloudPLM will help you increase your productivity and work with all the above-mentioned features. 

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Final Thoughts

The fashion industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the market. With our KloudPLM software, you can manage and collaborate your work that empowers your fashion company. Additionally, our PLM software offers you flexibility and agility in the cloud that performs faster and can help get automatic updates on the product and process.

KloudPLM improves the quality, brand, time to market, and workflow. Our cloud-based PLM for your fashion industry will improve innovation and enhance product management. Start growing your fashion industry with the innovative PLM software. Schedule a demo today.

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