How Accelerating Time to Market Can Help Your Business


Getting new merchandise into clients’ hands is an essential goal for manufacturers. As easy because it might seem, this objective is formed from several tiny processes, and also the time it takes to finish them can add up. Time to Market, or TTM, may be a metric that may facilitate your company management all those processes. Additionally it helps to deliver your products out there to the customer right once they’re needed.

What do You Mean by Time to Market?

Time to market, or TTM, refers to the amount of your time between the initial conception of a product and the delivery or completion of the final product that’s able to be sold. 

TTM could also be measured as an easy length of time. However, it depends on several factors just like the style process, new development, and testing, promoting, and products launch activities. 

Thankfully, this suggests there is variety of ways to manage and improve your company’s TTM.


It is often tempting to instantly ramp down on improving every individual task that increments TTM, but it’s necessary to require a high-level investigation of how and why improving overall TTM can facilitate your business. 

Here are some few good reasons to envision TTM as a significant holistic metric and work to enhance it:

Better Management & Control

TTM offers you bigger management over the merchandise development process. This interprets to having additional correct timelines for product launches and greater overall ability thus you’ll be able to meet deadlines and guarantee your new product is prepared for patrons and trade shows.


Resource Optimization

Having an optimized TTM permit for foreseeable schedules so you recognize what resources your business can want for procurance and when. Thus improving resource management and reducing waste.


Increased Revenues

A healthy TTM improves overall revenue by streamlining expensive style processes and saving cash on each time and resource.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Maintaining a fast TTM offers your company a competitive advantage. Regular product updates and releases can assist you to keep a top-of-mind presence among promoting channels and improve your overall market share. Further, your company will adapt additional quickly to changes in demand than your competitors.


5 Ways to Accelerate Time To Market

Processes Automation

Automation is vital in product style for each producing and technological application. Automating processes and communication will increase development speed, decreases the danger of human error, and ensures reliable, up-to-date info for all parties.


Shorten Approval Processes

Approval processes are necessary however can produce idle time that will increase TTM. See if you’ll be able to slim that down a bit. Stakeholders are literally required for every approval and check if there are approvals that you just can mix or eliminate altogether.


Analyze All Workflows 

By running a value chain analysis, you’ll be able to begin to grasp which workflows have the most important impact. During this process, you’ll determine bottlenecks, uncalled-for processes, and underused or even unused resources. 

Once you’ve conducted this analysis, think about applying the lean producing methodology to scale back unskillfulness. Furthermore, this will establish and maintain higher workflows.


Revision Control Digitization

Find out how are you tracking your product revisions. Paper tracking, email, spreadsheets, and shared drives, or a mix of those methods, are ostensibly straightforward to use. But usually result in team members erroneously working on the incorrect revision, cost accounting hours, or maybe days of progress. Use a single, easy-to-access cloud PLM software system. This helps to establish a transparent procedure for creating and reviewing revisions to enhance product revision control.

Implement The Correct Tools 

Understand what your business’s desires are, like development cycle visualization. additionally, you can interact with development groups and provide chain partners, and determine the most effective tools for the job. the fewer the tools, the higher. Keep info and processes during a single, easy-to-access place and integrate different necessary software systems to form transitions smoothly.



 Shorten Time to Market with KloudPLM

If you’re considering solutions to provide better management over development processes, you will have to consider speeding up your time to market strategy. KloudPLM’s cloud-first PLM platform will shorten your time to market and provide you the edge to stay ahead of the competition. Schedule a demo with KloudPLM today.

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