Advancements Governed by Digital Transformation in Every Stage of Product Lifecycle


From the ideation processes to the after-sales responses, in each and every stage of a product lifecycle, Digital Transformation brings up some advanced concepts and technology so as to take the product life cycle to the next level. One among the Digital Transformation technologies, Cloud Computing has been so effective in collaboration throughout the organization, increasing the production speed, streamlining the process flow, and enhancing Customer Relationships. Sometimes Digital Transformation seems like a futuristic techy word. But this has already been implemented in so many industries to move ahead of others. Here, we will just go through the five places where digital transformation is bringing innovations inside the product lifecycle.



The way Engineers create a New Product for society has drastically changed over the years. The process of visualizing using a cloud-based application opted to save a lot of time and money from making trial and error prototypes. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented reality (AR) incoming into the 3D modeling technologies enable the process to be highly effective and easy. Topological tools, Generative designs, and Simulation systems are some of the advanced features that are brought in 3D modeling with the help of AI and AR. With these technologies, ideas can be endless and communicated to any level of people very easily before getting into production or prototyping. 


Supply Chain & Manufacturing 

The places where the need of digital transformation is highly required are the production plants, vendor management, and manufacturing processes. The cloud-based systems are in high demand for streamlining the processes, handling high volumes of technicians, manufacturing data, suppliers facility management, machinery, and equipment management. With a flexible PLM in place, industries can utilize, manage and maintain their workers and resources effectively.


Marketing & Sales

Marketing is the current field that uses the full potential of digital transformation. When everything at the Customer’s end is getting digitalized, the medium through where the product reaches the Customer must be digitally advanced. Sales of any product should be a harder or longer process. The holographic 3D virtualization is employed to reduce the timeline of selling a product to the Customer by allowing them to experience the product without visiting a sales showroom. 


Customer Experiences  

At the end of any idea, the product is for the Customer. They should get attached to the product and the product makers. Customer interactions are the most important thing at any stage of the product life cycle such as before sales, during sales, and after-sales. The cloud-based systems help the Customer to experience, compare and choose what they want and in case of issues after-sales, these applications assist the Customer to get resolved in a very short period of time. For some small information or suggestions, Customers can self-service themselves with these cloud technologies, where they couldn’t wait for the simple things with the product.



Building a corporate society is a long process. Once it’s built, there are so many factors that need to be monitored constantly for maintaining the grade. The Top-level management will always like to get the simplified view of the greater picture. This means they need virtually represented reports of their whole company processes and stages. This can bring the collaboration between all levels of managers, employees, and the factory liveness. The implementation of tools like AR enhances productivity, visibility, and collaboration by modernizing the way the workforce works and the equipment is handled. 


KloudPLM – A Digital Transformation

As we have discussed more on the cloud-based applications and how those technologies advance the industries for the future, we introduce KloudPLM, a cloud-based product lifecycle management tool built on Salesforce. KloudPLM is connecting each and every stage of the industry with its data management, process management, and resources management. To make it more advanced PLM software, KloudPLM can be integrated with most of the popular CAD software that is already available. This is an opportunity to acquire the benefits of digital transformation in the whole organization with a single platform. Schedule a demo today to start your digital transformation journey


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