Advance Supply Chain with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning



Advance Supply Chain Management

One of the most indispensable processes in the manufacturing industry is supply chain management. The supply chain in the industries includes small-scale manufacturers, vendors, transporters, suppliers, warehouses, subsidiaries, distributors, sellers, and buyers. After having a glance at this list, we could imagine how tricky and complicated it is to manage let alone advance supply chain. 

Some of the old-fashioned tiny production plants are still depending on their memory power and mobile contacts list. They must not have more than ten people to remember and connect for the collaboration. In a little higher level of manufacturing industries are using a system and a sheet to feed in and fetch the data of the supply chain. Even though it would be just about 50 different data it is indeed a clumsy document to get data on time. It is not just about the time and the number of different entries but also includes the details per entry. 

Some of them must have details about a supplier or a vendor or any other supply chain person are company name, responsible person, contact details, delivery plants, and parts/ services they are getting/ providing. But most of the time, managing a sheet of data highly seems like rocket science for a newcomer.  


Technology into Supply Chain 

Supply chain data capturing and managing with smooth processes were achieved by the Advanced semi-automated software tools built specifically for supply chain management. These tools started capturing much more details and tracking techniques of a vendor or buyer. Contracts, partnerships, and much more details are captured easily and fetched out when needed. A basic PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tool can perform much more than a sheet and at the same time, it is a single click away to get details rather than inputting a lot of coding lines. 


Need of Advanced Technologies 

With a basic PLM in place, companies are starting to admire the advances it brought into their supply chain. Some already claimed it as the futuristic mode of operation. But the reality is not the same. When the pandemic arrived, situations in the manufacturing industries were so varied. The processes inside a factory changed a lot from the previous methods that were followed for decades.

Industrialists started thinking about alternative and futuristic solutions. And this time, they wanted a real future tool. Basic level PLMs are not able to deliver all the needs and spreadsheets are already outdated. This is where the industries would prefer to have a tool or a PLM that is highly advanced and futuristic. 


AI & ML for Advance Supply Chain

AI or Artificial Intelligence is like a robot with a human brain. An intelligent computer that reduces or replaces the human efforts to think and do some tasks. Since the industries are having tons of data, a computer or a technology is better to manage it as it will never forget a detail about the data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subset Machine Learning (ML) are making the technology grow faster. 

As these technologies benefit almost all kinds of industries, manufacturing industries are also wanting to implement AI & ML in their tools to move ahead. The workload, processes, and data management in the industries are drastically simplified by adding AI and ML technologies to a PLM. Now the PLM is no longer a basic PLM with these. 

Let’s now think about supply chain management. The most data playing area in the industry is supply chain management ahead of other departments. Having an AI & ML added PLM (Advanced PLM) will help the professionals to handle the data more efficiently than ever before. Operations, workload, functionalities, and fetching information are effectively altered to feel the future of operations. 


Final Thoughts

With the automation inside a software tool, emails and follow-ups will not be a headache for manual work. Not just the automated mails, AI advances the process instructions, errorless operations, tracking of the data, and much more by the software itself without even a human reminding it to do. 

There are very few PLMs that are holding the advanced features. And fewer are ready for the future of manufacturing and managing. KloudPLM is one among the few to take the industry to the next level. Also, KloudPLM is natively built on the cloud, so a browser tab is enough to use it.  Schedule a demo today.   


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