Benefits of PLM on SaaS – Predictability


Benefits of PLM on SaaS

As there are several benefits of having a software as a service we can take advantage of it, Predictability is the one such big issue in the business model that gets solved by the well structured PLM on SaaS.

Industries are starting to work on their implementation of cloud technologies to prepare themself for the future world. Most of the industrialists have a clear view on the benefits of software products on cloud. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools are highly wanted to be acquired to achieve the future production plants. Building this technology in house is a tedious process. And maintaining those in-house servers never pleases the investors. When a PLM is becoming a must have factor and maintaining it is not that easy, Software as a Service is a great opportunity to afford the future tech PLMs with almost no maintenance in house. 


Why is Predictability Needed?

The successful companies are just forecasting their future with the data available about the industry, market and past company data. This functionality in every business model will drastically reduce the unpredictability of key components that affect the business. The big hyper scalers like AWS, Google, Salesforce or Azure are all set to incorporate with the industries to manage the data centers in an efficient way. With the higher level performances of the partnered platforms, industries started predicting the cost, market, workload, procurements time, security compliance and Customer faced data with this data information, a company can be far ahead of the competition in the near future.

Having SaaS itself is a predictability benefit. Industries can know their monthly or annual expenses spent for the PLMs which will not be possible with the inhouse server built PLMs. These servers might bring multiple maintenance, bills, replacement components and trained resources which will be a headache for predicting the budget. The uncertainty of the cost spent for acquiring a PLM is completely removed by the PLM on the SaaS.


Challenges in Predictability 

Since it is the business field, the predictable world is far away from actual scenarios. The future of business is solely dependent on the varying business requirements, re-organization of the company and the new technologies adaptation. So the rigid components that are in the business model will not allow the industries to move on. Getting over the rigidness of the business components, companies would have to put a whole lot of effort.

Somehow they find a way and are ready to move on to adapt a SaaS application. But still they would prefer to get cleared with the doubts on adapting. The first question arises is about the migration of the data to the PLM on SaaS. Though companies prefer new age software, they have this fear of migrating the previous data. This makes the assumption that PLM on SaaS is the best suit only for the newcomers to the industries. And being built on the cloud, data security is the next big fear of using it for the longtime.


Overcoming the Challenges 

The well built PLM on cloud should be as flexible as to adapt any new technologies and the requirements of the business model. 

KloudPLM is such a well designed PLM that is natively built on the Salesforce cloud. The salesforce security technology makes this software a military grade data secured platform and the migration from almost any kind of data is accurately possible with KloudPLM. The flexibility of KloudPLM is making the business more predictable. Those unpredictable can be significantly reduced from the business.  


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