Advanced Manufacturing and its benefits to Manufacturing Processes


What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced Manufacturing is a concept of implementing innovative technologies for making a new product or producing existing products including production processes that work with the association of information, automation, computation, software, sensing & networking. This definition is not going to be a constant across industries. Advanced Manufacturing will vary its shape based on the field of industry it is going to be applied to. 

Traditional vs Advanced Manufacturing

Traditional Manufacturing is the one which will be simpler for the initial level factory or plant to acquire. Traditional manufacturing has the process of converting raw materials into finished products by means of machinery and a lot of manual fabrication work. Traditional manufacturing involves a dedicated plant and a production line with lesser or no flexibility. On the other hand Advanced manufacturing is a highly flexible method of manufacturing and utilizes the resources effectively. Advanced manufacturing involves very lesser manual processes and production. Computerized technology will take place to make the production more effective. 

Why are top industries switching to Advanced Manufacturing?

Not just top manufacturing industries, even the startup companies are looking forward to switching from the conventional  method of manufacturing. As an investor, they don’t want their time, money, value and resources go wasted in any little amount. Advanced manufacturing industries can achieve higher quality products in a short time to market with a highly streamlined process that can be monitored and controlled at any phase of the process. And with Advanced Manufacturing industries can improve their production as well as the processes. When the processes and productions are well streamlined the wastage of resources drastically reduces. Acquiring an Advanced manufacturing technology seems complicated but they will pay off with their value by increasing the products value. 

Types of Advanced Manufacturing

There are several types of Advanced manufacturing methods based on the fields of the industry. Some methods will focus on processes and some methods will focus on production ease. Some of the Advanced manufacturing methods are discussed below.

Cloud Computing/ IT Infrastructure 

Cloud computing is a highly trending method to automate and streamline the processes inside the organization. There are several types of Advanced manufacturing available for enhancing the production. But only a few successful methods are available for the process of enhancing. Cloud computing is just topping the list. 


This is one of the most interesting technologies that makes our product get into compact size. The new generation devices are concerned about the space it occupies. Implementing this nanotechnology into the production method will save the product occupied spaces.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a method which takes conventional production into a next level. It increased the quality of complicated parts production with the computerized method of manufacturing like 3D printing, Fused deposition modelling, laser printing system and other processes. 

Robotics/ Automation 

Mass production plants are speedily upgrading their factories with robotics and automation. This will save time, increase the quality, reduce the cost and greatly avoid the manual risk jobs by replacing labours with the precision machines for doing the repeated programmable work. When everything is programmed, the probability of failure is almost nil.   

How Advanced Manufacturing enhances the industry process?

Advanced Manufacturing for processes is simply the use of effective PLM, CRM, PDM, ERP or any other new age software to improve the organization process structure and reduce the conflicts of responsibilities. Storing the documents in the cloud rather than a localized server will make the process easier to access, maintain and secure. The systemized platforms will allow industries to track their record at any point in time without printed document files. And everytime when a command is given by word of mouth, it leads to conflicts. Using these advanced software, every command, task or action can be assigned and recognized clearly. 

Achieving Advanced Manufacturing Process with Kloud PLM

Kloud PLM is an Advanced PLM software that is built on Salesforce Cloud to provide a futuristic process handling platform to industries across fields. Every department of an organization can be controlled and handled effectively with KLoudPLM. The integration with other platforms such as design software, ERP and others are enabling KloudPLM to assist the industries to move into the next level. To start your digital transformation journey, contact us today.

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