One Size Fits All! Get Your Custom Fit PLM Now!!


When we spoke with some of the best manufacturing companies, we discovered some realities and facts that have persisted in the industry for years with no one doing anything to change them. This gave rise to the need and want of having a PLM platform to address those changes.


“We needed something that focused on process manufacturing, otherwise, we’d waste too much time attempting to tailor something else, and the more customizing you do, the less effective a system becomes.” one of our clients explained. 


Manufacturers are hesitant to fund the deployment of generic PLM systems that require major modifications to handle industry-specific requirements. Following lengthy, expensive, and often unproductive corporate software rollouts, notably in the areas of ERP and CRM, company-specific business processes begin investing money that could be saved.


In my opinion, the problem is quite intriguing. Long implementation timelines are causing problems for businesses. CAD/PLM firms sold toolboxes with a considerable amount of services and implementation consultation at the start of the PLM era. However, 1-2 year implementation periods, large expenses, and dissatisfied customers forced industry to consider other options.


The ultimate discussions begin with the way industries operate, the work culture, and the size of the organization. A major point of contention is whether people manage their projects in a project-centric or product-centric manner. 


It isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation now. What Volvo is adapting does not necessarily satisfy Eicher’s process. As an example, consider Ashok Leyland and TVS. Both are original equipment manufacturers. Although they manufacture automobiles and work in the mobility industry, do you believe they follow a comparable process? The first produces trucks and buses, while the second produces two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

There are classifications based on size, power, space, etc.. TVS may use NX CAD and Siemens Teamcenter to manage their operations, while Ashok Leyland may use Solidworks as their CAD systems and SAP ERP for their operations management. Both companies will have different operating procedures; some may be conventional, while others may have upgraded to modern technology. You must be wondering if there was an application that might assist you do several processes on a single platform.



KloudPLM is a safe haven for you. KloudPLM comes with a variety of modules that may be customized to meet a variety of business needs. You do not have to purchase and pay for modules that you do not require. It’s entirely pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-use. KloudPLM is a better platform for you if you want a customized solution according to your needs. KloudPLM strives to provide you with the best experience possible by offering highly customizable modules. Being on the native cloud i.e. Salesforce adds the icing to the cake.

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