Digitalizing operations, customers, suppliers, designs, purchases and communication: All in one platform


Product life cycle management brings together the many companies, departments, and employees involved in the product’s production to streamline their operations, with the ultimate goal of producing a product that outperforms its competitors, is highly profitable, and lasts as long as consumer demand and technology allow. This is where PLM comes into the picture.

PLM systems assist businesses in dealing with the growing complexity and engineering problems of designing new products. A new product (in the introduction stage, for example) must be described, whereas an established product must be distinguished. PLM can also have an impact on more fundamental aspects of a product. A product can continue to evolve even after it has reached maturity, especially if it is updated or enhanced in some way.

Many businesses have yet to appreciate the entire worth of their product and process data. Some engineers are unsure of how to transmit data from engineering to downstream teams. Others may believe that enterprise connectivity necessitates high-end infrastructure. Alternatively, some may have begun developing a plan but lack the ability to accurately gather insights by connecting data to one single platform.

That is why KloudPLM is on a mission to assist the manufacturing industry in realizing the promise of integrating people, processes, and data for any team, on any device. our PLM platform enables enterprises to connect departments all along the digital thread to the source of truth throughout the product lifecycle with our cloud-based platform. We offer a unified platform for interacting with data in real-time, mirroring the physical items you source, manufacture, sell, and support.


How Can Your Organization Benefit from KloudPLM?

KloudPLM’s product lifecycle management solution offers numerous advantages, including bringing a higher-quality product to market faster, boosting product safety, expanding revenue prospects, and minimizing errors and waste. 


Other Advantages Include:

Improved Product Quality and Reliability

You’re always on the safe side with KloudPLM when it comes to quality and reliability. KloudPLM’s issue management is a transparent and effective answer to all issues that arise throughout the design or production process. Industries now have the opportunity to evaluate issues and analyses as many times as they want, as long as approvals are in place.


Prototyping Costs are Lower

KloudPLM, built on Salesforce, is designed in such a way that getting to market first is now a breeze. In the first place, excellent designs and planning greatly minimize an organization’s costs.


Waste Reduction

Wastages and obsolescence are two terms that most industries aim to avoid when it comes to money, labor, and time. Most OEMs have several methods in place to cut down on industrial waste, whether it’s a design file or a physical component. You won’t have to worry about it with KloudPLM. You keep track of all the parts and designs that can become obsolete after a specific period of time with each operation you perform. Better handling of old parts may result in the part/assembly being reused in the future.


Collaboration Throughout The Supply Chain is Maximized

One of the main reasons why the industry has to have a good system in place is because of your interactions with suppliers. Industries end up purchasing their own supplier management solution, which is stiff and difficult to connect with the rest of the company’s processes. KloudPLM includes a supplier management module in the same platform that you use to manage your other business operations. It integrates effectively with the other modules, making it easy for the supply engineer to locate the part in the inventory.


Final Thoughts

Digitalization cannot be done in silos. Every facet of the product development lifecycle needs to be strapped with the technology that will help accelerate the process and deliver efficient, consistent results. KloudPLM platform helps businesses achieve this goal. To find out how, schedule a demo today.

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