Effective Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity in Product Development


Being in the industry for some years, we all got to know the importance of better communication. Irrespective of the type of industry, communication plays a major role. A team needs better communication between members. A simple conflict inside the team with an uninformed member will lead to productivity issues. Additionally, it will lead to a lack of team coordination. To avoid these, a team must be transparent enough to all the members. And information should be shared if it is not a confidential one. The same goes for outside team communication and collaborations. This further helps in enhanced productivity of the organization.

Every plant or company should have an effective communication platform to collaborate across the employees and teams. Because sometimes, most of the time, vocal communications are mistaken and create subsequent false results which are not expected to happen. So simply a chat platform or a formal communication system is a must-have feature. 

Productivity is directly proportional to effective collaboration across teams. Every data is important and should be clarified before proceeding with further activities. 

Industries have some necessity to have these collaboration platforms. 

First, the disconnections between teams, processes, and tools should be removed in order to avoid the delay in the production timeline. The other issue is, information gathering from other departments is difficult without these platforms.

KloudPLM with Collaboration feature

KloudPLM is a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management platform to assist the processes of the industries while having a great collaboration feature built along with it. With the KloudPLM, the processes of the plants are becoming automated to some extent and trackable. With these features of KloudPLM, employees easily get whom to contact for a particular issue or data, since it is captured digitally. KloudPLM will help in developing enhanced productivity in your teams’ collaboration and production processes

KloudPLM is built with modules for each departmental activity. Whatever department a person belongs to, they can access the chatter feature to collaborate with his team members or other team members.   

Final Thoughts

We are into the future now. So a chatter would not be solving all the collaboration issues. Data capturing and responsible person additions would be preferred features inside every particular module. Whenever a record is created or edited, these data are captured for future reference. This is happening automatically in KloudPLM. Conflicts between the members of a team or conflicts between two different teams have no chance to occur when our platform is in place. Most importantly the communication gap between the management and employees is also avoided. 

For example, a quality assurance department engineer can identify whom to contact for the particular part of information data by simply having a look at the record page. And connect immediately with that person and get the job done rather than waiting for his time to meet him. Get the details memorized, and struggle with the partial details in memory. And examples are not limited. 

So we can conclude that an effective collaborative communication system in every industry is making a large difference in the industries. KloudPLM comes with highly effective collaboration and data management features to assist the industries to transform for the futuristic way of production. 


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