Emerging New Technologies Transforming Industrial Digital Transformation


Manufacturers these days are facing more frequent and impactful market conditions where their actions directly influence financial performance and business continuity. Therefore, to overcome this issue, manufacturers must consider emerging technologies within an industrial digital transformation program. 

Let’s dive into emerging technologies that industries are implementing to prepare for the coming induced market conditions and uncertainties. 


SaaS Offers Unlimited Accessibility:

Industrial enterprises have bogged down with their legacy software that runs on-premises. With remote work becoming a new norm, organizations need to ensure that all employees have access to the same resources irrespective of their locations. 

For example, when employees access CAD remotely, it does not provide a seamless remote work-friendly interface. This results in huge challenges. Additionally, manufacturing engineers need to run powerful programs and software on their workstations and desktops which are not accessible. 

As remote work is becoming a more of future operating model, SaaS will be a predominant platform for work from home. 


IoT makes it Easier for Products and Factories to Remote Everything.

Market conditions always changing results in operational uncertainty for manufacturers where accessibility to their products becomes a challenge. Therefore, monitoring services and products through industrial IoT remotely helps in product uptime in situations where physical on-site interventions are not possible or available.

The concept of remote everything will keep on becoming mainstream with increasingly IoT, thus enabling the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. 


Augmented Reality Gives Digital Powers Frontline Workers:

75% of the global workforce are frontline workers. However, only 1% of software venture find is geared towards these frontline workers. 

AR is the new platform that aims to provide these frontline workers with the augmentation of physical environments with real-time information. Augmented reality plays an important role when some complex work requires guidance and support to the frontline workers with just-in-time digital information.

It is one of the most important investments for industrial enterprises in the coming future for their frontline workers.


Enhanced Industrial Applications with AI:

Artificial intelligence is dominating industrial applications. Manufacturers nowadays use AI-driven generative design to optimize their product development processes. Thus, by embedding AI into manufacturing, manufacturers can easily optimize their product designs. These include manufacturing processes, data sources, and other design variants as well. 

furthermore, it is one of the emerging technologies in the role of deep learning in computer vision. Organizations can use their CAD files to create inferences, data models, or train neural networks. These can then recognize a spare part of a machine on its own. With products and services becoming more and more complex, it has become challenging to perform complex tasks individually. For instance, the ability of AI to instantly recognize it and overlay work instructions gradually improves the process for frontline workers. 


Optimize Industrial Work with Spatial Computing:

At KloudPLM, we have started to rethink the traditional work processes in a completely new manner with the emergence of new technologies that play an important role. The next way of digitization will come with spatial computing in industrial enterprises. 

Spatial computing refers to the digitalization of spatial relationships between people, objects, machines, environments, etc to optimize interactions within. Moreover, it provides a new framework for traditional optimization techniques. 


Final Thoughts

Most of these technologies underpinned flexible and adaptable work models that help manufacturers to prepare for future uncertainties. The uncertainties that arise with changing market conditions. Emerging technologies like IoT, SaaS, AR are here to stay for their flexibility. While technologies like spatial computing, AI will become even more dominant in manufacturing industrial workspace. 

With these technological advancements, it’s only natural that your product development process needs to be able to keep up with the changes. KloudPLM can help you streamline your product development and take your product manufacturing and processes to the next level. Schedule a demo today to start your digital journey.



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