Enhancing SCM By Integrating ERP With PLM Software


Supply Chain Management (SCM) has always played a pivotal role in attaining the success of every business, no matter whether it is a small, mid-sized, or large firm. Every business has had to ensure the proper functioning of its SCM to remain in the market. But with the arrival of the pandemic, the SCM sector has been dragged backward. Therefore, it is crucial to bring measures that could put back the falling SCM into its place and also enhance its previous version. To carry out this forward, combining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is the preferable choice for most companies.  To cut things short integrating ERP with PLM is the best option for organizations in the era of industry 4.0

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What are ERP and PLM?

ERP refers to software that focuses mainly on day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement project management, inventory management, human resources, compliance, supply chain, etc. While ERP systems take transactional units to market, the data and information used should originate in PLM software. 

PLM is all about the management of the process behind the product. It allows people from different departments like design, development, and manufacturing to work collaboratively on a single platform with up-to-date information.


Benefits of Integrating ERP with PLM

Integration of ERP with PLM is profitable for every business that aims for higher success in terms of profit and customer satisfaction. This software complements each other, and it is to your benefit to have them. PLM provides the single point of product truth used by ERP to manage product resources and financials. In addition to facilitating supply chain activities, it remarkably enriches the quality of products, accelerates time-to-market, and promotes manufacturers to manage their production activities efficiently. By using both of them together, your organization can create a powerful source of data, information, processes, and workflows. 

Now, let’s concentrate on how the integration of ERP-PLM will back up the supply chain management.

Ease of Collaboration

Integration of this software fetches all forms of data into one single platform. It simplifies the act of real-time data sharing across different departments. This step robust the collaboration among departments resulting in improved communication and planning, accurate real-time updates, and saves a plethora of time and cost.

 Maintains Accuracy of Data

Accumulation of all the data over a single platform with the modifications documented concurrently mitigates the risk of multiple entries of the same data. Hence ensuring its integrity as the data collected from a single source is well updated. Eventually, it will increase the productivity and efficiency of the supply chain.

Better Transparency 

Transparency at every developmental stage of a product is necessary to make it successful. Integration ensures complete visibility into all the developmental stages. This is done so that identifying and solving a problem would be an instantaneous task in the process.

Effective Planning

The integration provides enough visibility of the data to detect any potential error and resolve it. This feature assists in the effective planning of the upcoming projects. Ultimately combating the chances of errors that would likely occur because of loose planning. It will also save the time and cost required in a project.

These reasons affirm that integrating ERP with PLM streamlines your entire supply chain to keep it running smoothly and effectively. The level of automation it provides to the business helps to predict and cater to the needs of customers rapidly. 


Get The Best of Both Worlds with KloudPLM

KloudPLM understands that integration is the need of the hour. And thus, offers a flexible, easy-to-use platform that can successfully integrate your ERP and other systems like CAD, CAM, CRM. Thereby boosting the overall efficiency of your business operations.  Our Cloud-First platform removes the shackles or hardware requirements, making the platform accessible anywhere. To start your Journey with KloudPLM, schedule a demo today

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