Formulation Management

While maximizing energy and resources, production flexibility and efficiency are improved to enable customized mass production.Formulated PLM solution of KloudPLM allows manufacturers of formulated products to integrate recipe and formula formulation within PLM solution.

Key Product Capabilities

  • Recipe versioning

  • Side-by-Side Formula Analysis

  • Rapid Formula Prototyping

  • Requirements-Based Formulations


PLM Adaptation that Benefits Formulated Product Manufactures

  • Create cost-effective research choices

  • Reduce R&D timelines

  • Centralized formulas and recipe versioning.

  • Efficiently promote formulas from trial to final versions while retaining a complete history of formulation changes.

  • Use roll-up formula calculations to ensure the accuracy of multi-layer product formulations.

  • Easily integrate data from multiple systems into product formulations.

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