Implementing Digital Threads to Enhance Engineering Efficiency


Digital threads are a communication network that allows for a continuous flow of data as well as an integrated view of an asset’s data during its lifetime from numerous functional viewpoints. This approach encourages the delivery of accurate information to the correct ideal spot. Such data may be utilized to make educated design decisions in the future, as well as to minimize design parameter uncertainty and process costs. 

Furthermore, such information may discover more effective operational techniques for making design decisions and adds additional data to the mix. The condition of the Digital Thread is changing as a result of the product lifetime.

Large amounts of data are generated and examined throughout the engineering process to gain efficiency and eliminate faults. The digital thread has been proven to boost supply chain efficiency by 16 %. New production techniques allow for a 20% faster delivery of new items to market. 

Additionally, only 10% of small manufacturers adopt this approach, according to the US Commerce Department’s national institute of standards and technology, while the remainder uses traditional 2D ways to model their goods. Corporate responsibility is another significant application of the digital thread.


The Legacy of Digital Threads

Understanding the full product lifetime is required for a systems-level view of a product. The product lifetime (in an engineering context) encompasses all stages of the product’s development, including concept, design, manufacture, deployment, operation, and post-implementation services, all the way through retirement/disposal.

Integrating and disseminating processes, data, and systems to multiple groups across the product life cycle are examples of these elements. Design decisions must be based not just on current knowledge but also on prospective future information to be able to design across numerous product generations. 

The development and implementation of Model-Based Engineering (MBE), in which data models or domain models express design intent rather than document-based information sharing, which might result in loss transfer of the original source, has been a fundamental facilitator of efficient PLM.

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Below are just a few points to consider while constructing a digital thread for engineering


Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation Requires Scale

A digital thread is layered and interconnected, not one-dimensional. Choosing the first digital thread use case is a huge choice that requires thought and analysis since it is critical to the digital thread’s long-term success across the company. With each additional data source, a digital thread grows in strength and revolutionary potential. Businesses may realize the importance of the digital thread and the ROI it can provide by carefully constructing it. Then adding functions, departments, and roles.


Increase Product, Person, and Process Co-operation

It’s critical to have real-time upstream and downstream communication in order to speed product design and match market demand. A digital thread aids in the promotion of a full lifecycle loop. From product design to engineering to manufacturing to service and back! Communication between engineering and service has deteriorated in a large number of businesses. 

We now have a greater understanding and motivation to grasp the end-to-end connection. Thanks to the effect of IoT and linked items. It provides insight into processes and empowers employees through access to detailed analytics. Engineers and designers can better comprehend how features of a product are used now that they have a better understanding of how they are used.


Encouraging Agility in Your Company and in The Marketplace

Industry 4.0 is accelerating into the market by exploiting all digital capabilities. Agility is one of the most sought-after qualities for businesses looking to succeed in the digital transition. The most effective strategy to create a more agile company is to have real-time insight into products, processes, and people across the business. Critical corporate data is frequently isolated and spread across several domains with no unifying thread. Upstream and downstream, digital threads enabled by a suite of interconnected equipment are available from a single source.


Using Digital Threads to Enable Collaborative Engineering

Supporting both legacy projects moving from document-centric engineering and new acquisition initiatives by implementing a model-centric approach right away in a digital engineering environment. The company’s customers’ tools, procedures, and resources for architecting, deploying, operating, and maintaining an integrated digital engineering environment. It allows for unparalleled real-time cooperation across teams that are geographically dispersed. It brings together the different multidisciplinary assessed risks throughout the system’s lifetime, allowing for genuine system integration.

The most important component of good digital engineering. Anyone can buy current technologies, but it’s how we use them that allows us to fully enjoy the benefits of digital engineering. So we codify and distribute our enterprise industry standards to offer the finest support across all of our business sectors.”


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KloudPLM and Digital Thread

Digital threads are supposed to be layered and connected. Waving disparate sections into a more complete image is critical for the digital thread’s long-term success. It is critical to spread the digital thread across the organization after it has been established in engineering. By extending a digital thread to additional tasks, departments, and positions, it becomes more powerful and revolutionary. As the company grows, this expansion will allow it to gain significant value and interest.

What’s next for KloudPLM? Now that KloudPLM has established a strong basis, we will focus on developing and integrating software that depicts the machine in operating mode. Because the client needs line monitoring, the manufacturer also wants to have the majority of the components available and set up. Another ambition of KloudPLM for the coming years is to use virtual reality to demonstrate machinery in action before the order is created.

To discover more about how KloudPLM helped them achieve their digital thread transformation to enhance engineering efficiency. Now is the time to schedule a demo.

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