Industrial Transformation for The Future Factory


Industrial Transformation (IX) is a proactive and coordinated approach to leverage digital technologies to create step-change improvement in industrial operations – Derived by LNS Research. Industrial Transformation is advancing the plants and factory facilities of an industry whereas Digital Transformation (DX) focuses on the whole organization. Simply Industrial Transformation is just a subset of Digital Transformation. By implementing Automations, Robots and more futuristic technologies into the factory layout, they are getting ready for the switch towards the future factory. And to add more clarity to the understanding, IX is way bigger than Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 

Most of the top industries are starting to forecast their future factories. Industrial Transformation is the way they visualize it. The fourth industrial revolution strongly relies on Industrial Transformation. 

IX involves changing the step in the production process or creating a new step for enhancing the process rather than making improvements in the existing process. Dominations of Information Technology and automation in production which was introduced in the Third industrial revolution has evolved enormously to make the process more accurate and quality products. 


Industrial Transformation – Framework

After understanding the benefits of this IX, industries would face so many challenges in implementing into their factory spaces. So there are some standardized Frameworks that are made by the expert Industry revolution firm. IX Framework is a highly practical guide for the industrial organization to unite all the simultaneous and interconnected initiatives across the IX program. This framework has five subdivided sequential steps to make it easier for implementing 

  1. Business Objectives

  2. Strategic Initiatives

  3. Operational Architecture 

  4. Solution Selection

  5. Implement – Manage Change


Impacts of IX

IX can be seen in many different perspectives as it is new to the field. Beyond those views, implementation of IX has some noticeable impacts on the factory floor. 

Human errors during production are unavoidable and greatly affects wastage costs. Having Industrial Transformation technologies in role, these errors are enormously avoided. With an automated robot in place, the process of manufacturing can be done more accurately. The rate of defective products in the discrete manufacturing industries is a major factor for making the factory ready for the future. IX helps to achieve the heights of accurate production. 

The initial cost of acquiring these machines and technology is higher and the training for the technicians is also involved with the changes in the pre planned budgets. But still the CEOs are ready for the switch because they know how much cost it is going to save during the production process. 

At the end, Customers should get the high quality products to build the brand value and future path of the company. IX improves the product quality with the help of accurate processes that we discussed earlier.


KloudPLM – Industrial Transformation

We know that Industrial Transformation is not just about the automations and IoT. As we speak about the future factory, do we really want to see the papers in and around the factory and still rely on the commands by words and forget it later? 

This is where the highly customizable PLM software contributes to the industrial revolution. 


KloudPLM is an effective PLM software that can systemize and streamline the factory processes also while taking care of the other organizational activities. In this way, KloudPLM is an Industrial Transformation technological tool to make better future factories. To find out how we can help in your industrial transformation, schedule a call today.

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