illustration of ccommercial bebefits of KloudPLM

KloudPLM helps reduce the gap between Product Creation and Sales Generation.

Combine Product Development with Sales to Achieve Highest Profitability

Align your PLM with the sales process to ensure quick product deployment. Create global products that can be sold anywhere in the world. KloudPLM also provides you holistic, integrated Marketing, Sales, and Support that help facilitate digital transformation and continuous improvement across your organization.

Strategic Pricing and Cost Management

Effortlessly ascertain product cost while taking into account several factors such as R&D, component costs, and more. This helps you determine an intelligent and strategic price point for all your new products.

Enhance Communication

Create, manage and share product information on the same cloud platform across various teams, partners, & channels. Align product and sales team for rapid development and order fulfillment.

Accurate Quote

Improve processes and solutions to generate more accurate quotes, respond to customers faster, and increase win rates.

Customer Satisfaction

Reduce product returns with KloudPLM. Increase market share by improving trust, customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and overall customer loyalty.

illustration of salesforce on KloudPLM

KloudPLM is built natively on the Salesforce platform. KloudPLM helps you effortlessly record, share and update your latest product information to Salesforce Sales Cloud, B2B Commerce Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud, and more.

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