Radical Simplification For an Engineer Friendly PLM


The Need for Radical Simplification

Just by reading the title, most of the design engineers or any engineers working on some continuous improvement processes might get into a mindset that “Engineers are not happy with using PLM during their regular works”.  It is not far from the truth, However, extra process while doing some creative jobs creates frustrations rather than creating a helping environment? The time has now come for some radical simplification of the processes that makes their lives a bit easier

Engineers at the beginning do not like the new incoming processes to streamline the industry. These processes and software capture the work that we do, which normally consumes time. This is the first complaint they rise against the new implementation by the managers or stakeholders. The differences in thoughts between the top-level people and the engineers forcibly quote these new technologies as “Complicated”. 

Why not streamlining software is happily accepted by the engineers. Why should they be against technology when it is made to simplify their work.  Where is the actual problem? Is it in the mindsets? Is it in the products? Or is it in the implementing authorities?


Keep it Simple 

Let’s mix up all these. A well-structured product that does not stop creativity at any point and that is well understood by the users as well the implementers, can greatly avoid these differences. A process in the software should never be a barrier for the problem solvers or the creative engineers. 

For instance, imagine a situation where design engineers are asked to feed each and every change they make in their design into a system. If they concentrate on data capturing, they will lag in creativity. If they focus on the designs and modifications, then they miss out on their data captures. 

The same goes for every department engineer. They literally get deviated from the actual work in search of these processes. But at the same time, we should blindly blame the technology or the managers who implemented these. Their point is different. At some age, the company would prefer the data or the processes followed in the earlier stage of the company, at that particular time those captured details will make the processes free flow to make the products faster.


Switching to a User-Friendly PLM System 

With some simplifications, changing the work environment to the systems and the interactions between platforms, PLM or any such technologically advanced software would really benefit the company and as well make the engineers feel better with the minimal processes. 

Such PLMs are not so far from real-time usages. KloudPLM is the advanced PLM software that is natively built on the Salesforce cloud to be accessed from anywhere in the world. With user-friendliness as the first priority, we bring KloudPLM into the industries to make the revolution that the investors wanted. Additionally, the engineers or the real users of the products happily accept to enhance their processes. 

The ease in the product makes the engineers not search for any tutorials or training to use the platform. And the resorts and dashboards in our system will be highly effective for the top-level management to manage and forecast in a better way. 


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