SaaS to Speed-up The Process of Business Transformation


Industrialists had been wise to adopt a new technology or business transformation before any situations arose and demanded change. But this is the first time, the Covid situations demanded a highly differentiated business model than before. Probably this transformation could be expected to happen some decades after in the future. 

In the earlier business model transformations, there were some simple updates to the existing model when they faced an issue. And now the case is different. The unavailability of the physical presence of the employees and lack of access to the on-premises servers made the industries think ahead of the planned transformation. 


Hurdles faced in Business Transformation


Since the whole business model is in the need of a transformation, industries are struggling to achieve the desired results. 


Servers – Data Access

On-premises servers are the first model that seems not working anymore since the remote mode of operation. When all the data is stored in the local servers, employees are forced to visit the factory to access the data. Which is clearly not working for the remote operation 


Maintenance Cost 

The unused on-premises devices increase the maintenance cost though it is not useful for the production anymore (Since most of the employees are working from home). Only a few production line employees are available in the plant, who does not involve in handling the technologies 



Process approvals require additional efforts to reach out to the corresponding Manager. When they were all there in the plant, an employee reached out to the manager’s door and waited for the process to be approved. But in this case, employees should be calling the remotely working manager to get the approval. The manager also struggles to get the proper outline of the process that needs to be approved.


Time Delay

Similar to the approvals, most of the manual communications or processes consumed extra time during this pandemic situation. These new challenges made the industries think about the alternatives to make the products on time as before.


How SaaS helps 

SaaS (Software as a Service) is mostly built on the cloud to fulfill the needs of the remotely operating industries to perform normal and the usually operated industries to perform better. A software package that aids the processes of the industries to progress systematically and accurately is simply SaaS. 

After facing the hurdles due to the pandemic, most of the industries are ready for the switch. But they were in need of a proper tool to get out of these problems. SaaS would be a solution for handling the existing processes in a futuristic way. 

Since the demand change is far ahead of time, industries are urged to adapt to new technology. This is where the speeding up of the transformation comes into play. Experts found this cloud-based software for each department will solve the issue with lesser effort.


PLM as SaaS For Digital Transformation

Investors preferred PLM always, as the Product Lifecycle Management tools are the one place to handle almost all the departments in the plant. When the situation made them choose cloud software, a PLM as a SaaS will be a dream come true for the investors. 

KloudPLM is a Product Lifecycle Management tool as a SaaS built natively on the salesforce cloud to ensure ease of access as well the high-level security. KloudPLM assists the processes across departments. Schedule a demo today to find out more.




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