Test and Trial Management

The simplest way to define PLM software testing and trial management is
“prevention is better than cure.”

Risk factors for not following testing procedure:

  • Low-quality product

  • Higher expenses resulting from an unstable system

  • Producing a defective produc

Benefits of automated testing and trial management in PLM systems
Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

Because more regular defect testing and more performance testing.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Due to automated strategic test cases and early fault detection.



tests that are automated as compared to manual.

Key Product Features

  • Generate exact cost outputs for different possible formulation versions, base percentages, chemical properties, and more.

  • Access and use past formulation data with a centralized database of all recipes and formulations.

  • Efficient formula data management.

  • More efficiently promote Trial Formulations to General and Final Formulations.

  • Structured approval workflows track when each department takes action.

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