The Advantages of Implementing a Cost Effective PLM Application


The PLM Application Price Issue

PLM applications are currently quite common, unlike in the past when only the wealthiest industrialists could afford one. Industry processes have advanced to the point that the only option to properly handle sophisticated operations is through the use of digital tools. 

ERP and PLM systems in manufacturing are examples of digital tools. ERP systems often manage the business side of an industry, where purchases and transactions are handled quickly, whereas a PLM application is responsible for the entire product creation process, from concept to delivery to the customer.

SAP, Siemens, Dassault Systems, and Agile were among the first PLM vendors. Not only do they offer excellent products, but they also have a significant crew that has been working tirelessly to develop a PLM application. Also, they have a wide consumer base all around the world because of the service they deliver. They will, without a doubt, continue to thrive in the face of rising demand.

However, as demand grows, so does the allocation of resources in the product, raising the cost of the application. It’s no surprise that their PLM solutions were (and continue to be) pricey, with only the wealthy able to purchase them.


The Problem Of Existing PLMs

These “legacy” applications are quite old and are becoming increasingly expensive as they expand. PLM is not the only activity that manufacturing firms require; other tools such as CAD and PDM are also required. With their integrations with the latest CAD and PDM systems, these older systems are becoming even more expensive.

Additionally, physical server hosting and heavy configuration systems are two further costs that the implementation business must bear. And, of course, as the number of implementations grows, so does the need for maintenance. Is this one of the reasons why cloud computing is being explored?

If you’re a stakeholder in a manufacturing company and you think a PLM application is costing you half of your revenue, you now have a better understanding of why.


The Solution 

What if we offered you an application that promised to supply you with the most up-to-date PLM technologies? And the offer we’re making is going to be cloud-based. You only need to open Chrome, login, and you’re ready to start manufacturing. Without having to wait for your powerful PCs to boot up and your powerful programs to start. Isn’t it a fantastic offer?

Furthermore, we’ll tell you that you can get this deal for as little as half the price of an existing PLM solution. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

You must be wondering if such a thing exists. Yes, systems like these do exist, which is a fun fact. You may buy a PLM, CAD, and PDM system package for a very low cost. The nicest aspect is that everything will be handled on the cloud. 

KloudPLM is one such provider, having developed a cloud-first PLM platform (very unique in itself). KloudPLM is built on the Salesforce platform, which is trusted by over 150,000 clients around the world, including Fortune 500 firms. Your end-to-end cloud processes are in safe hands with this highly secure, scalable, and adaptable platform.



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