The Importance of Artwork & Labelling in Product LifeCycle Management


What Are Artwork and Labelling in Product Lifecycle Management

Artwork and labelling can be defined as the commercial, legal and aesthetic characteristics of all packaging such as shipping boxes, labels, hangtags or containers. This is done to communicate information such as product name, quality, nutrition facts and so on. Modern Product Lifecycle Management Software is important in creating better and compliant packaging and labels for organizations.


Current Scenario of The Market

Many companies have found themselves struggling with traditional PLM tools because they’re unable to produce artwork for labelling and packing. The process is tedious, time-consuming and highly inefficient for producing plain boxes or paper labels. For those companies who are still doing this work by hand and other less expensive methods, the process is even more difficult, time-consuming and labour-intensive.

As packaging has become more complex and finished products have become increasingly reliant on labelling, it’s no wonder many companies have looked for the middle ground between what a database can easily handle and what a traditional package/label design tool can offer in terms of aesthetics. This is why PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) software is emerging as a solution not only to track key aspects of the product through its life cycle but also to assist companies to develop artwork for labelling and packaging.


How to Solve This Issue

The PLM software approach is also attractive because it is helping companies control and better manage their product life cycles. It also provides a valuable tool for bringing together the design and packaging process. This means that companies can now create better-looking box designs, labels and bags that are easier to use and more visually appealing to the end audience. In addition to streamlining processes, this also helps the company save money by using more colour-coded packages and reducing waste from overproduction.

Many firms are finding PLM software very useful not only for packaging products but also for creating artwork as a key part of their product life cycle management strategy.

When it comes to artwork and labelling, PLM software solutions can offer many benefits, both tangible and intangible. 

Benefits of PLM Platforms

Flexibility: The client can tell you what they need in a product and in its packaging. There can be several modifications in the pre-existing artwork and labelling which can be done easily. 

More profit: Companies can achieve a higher profit than traditional businesses. By appealing to more customers with their packaging design the products.

Shorten The Life Cycle:  Save a lot of time when compared to outsourcing the design. Which effectively makes the product making time shorten.

Consumers Get Better Products: Products have been made better and more appealing to customers.


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What Does KloudPLM Offer

In the Artwork and labelling module, you can produce new artwork that complies with the requirements defined. Additionally, you can design 2D and 3D models and render them. And can have a virtual view of how the finished product will look and what information needs to go on the packaging.

There are many benefits that come with using KloudPLM product lifecycle management in artwork and labelling.  Including increased sales volume, consistency in procedures and better customer service and satisfaction. Using the KloudPLM is a way to increase what most companies already do. Which is the effective management of their products while they are in production or pipeline.

Another important benefit of KloudPLM is the effective use of resources because it saves money. PLM software manages key stages of the product life cycle like the manufacturing process, shipping, and supply chain management.


Improve Your Packaging with KloudPLM

KloudPLM’s product life cycle management can be very beneficial in artwork and labelling. By understanding the different stages, a product goes through, you can ensure that your artwork and labels are accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, using a product life cycle management system can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

It’s also important to mention a company that uses KloudPLM will always maintain its brand. Because a company can always keep track of all their products from an early stage to its latest stage. Therefore, it can detect any problem that may occur before it becomes serious. They should be able to communicate with their clients regarding their product knowledge and any updates to the brand or design.

Additionally, a company that uses KloudPLM product lifecycle management software in is maintaining their brand image.  Also, customers will remain loyal because they know what to expect from that particular brand. Schedule a demo today.

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