The Importance of Modern Cloud Based PLM in 2021


Society becoming more collaborative has resulted in a better product ecosystem. Now we can communicate with teams globally anytime we want and work in collaboration to create the best and innovative products. However, traditional PLM software has failed to keep up with these advancements despite new technology and solutions. Creating a demand for cloud based PLM applications

We as humans are collaborating at an astronomical rate. We have numerous ways to connect and collaborate. Thanks to email, Twitter, video chat, and other tools. 


What is Product Lifecycle Management?

Product Lifecycle Management refers to the management of data and processes used in the design, engineering, sales, service, manufacturing across the entire product lifecycle and supply chain. PLM in the manufacturing industry has a long history. The product lifecycle management phrase was discovered almost 20 years ago to manage hardware changes, CAD files, dot coms, and manufacturing updates. As a result, traditional PLM software began to embed itself into product companies globally. 

However, with technological advancements, a lot of things have changed. We have innovative technologies like iPhones, electric cars, scooters, hybrid cars, drones that demand innovative, agile, and advanced PLM experience. 

Despite the fact, we are building interesting new products, PLM systems have not changed that much since their emergence and are struggling to keep up with advancements. Therefore, for developing and launching the next innovative product in the market, you need a progressive, flexible, and qualitative PLM solution. 


Why Modern Cloud-based PLM?

These are not just sayings. Every PLM solution has to satisfy these requirements. 

A progressive, flexible, and modern cloud-based PLM solution has advantages over traditional PLM. Customer expectations have increased today. Now eCommerce, mobile apps, and next-day delivery have transformed customers’ expectations from organizations. And traditional PLM does not help you tackle that. 

Traditional on-premise PLM solutions can’t handle modern customer expectations. Because there is not a single way to track customer feedback or manage eCommerce channels in traditional PLM solutions.

On a more positive side, many organizations have done a decent job of changing their product stage from engineering to manufacturing with the help of PLM solutions. On the other hand, launching products with multiple partners is the real problem for them. Keeping marketing, sales, service partners, eCommerce channels all up to date on product upgrades and operations has remained isolated from the entire product development lifecycle.

Internet of Things and PLM

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, we are provided with conveniences like smart lightbulbs or locks in the last few years. Even IoT companies are progressing towards smart home technologies, however, they are also facing significant challenges and roadblocks with traditional on-premise PLM solutions. Moreover, IoT products are also connected with customers consistently for taking and giving feedbacks and managing customer usage data. Many times these traditional on-premise PLM solutions are not able to manage this data. This is why IoT companies often find themselves looking for a most robust and cloud-based PLM solution. 

Another invention that has revolutionized the way we work is the cloud. It has helped organizations streamline their product development processes and easily manage their internal and external stakeholders. With cloud applications, you can easily lower IT and overhead costs and significantly influence your product’s success. As a result, there is more smooth internal and external communication that helps in shortening the feedback loop. Organizations are, therefore, finding themselves in need of a single robust and progressive solution for mobile support, customization, threaded discussions, and more. 


How can KloudPLM help you? 

KloudPLM is here with its innovative technology- cloud-based PLM built on a salesforce environment. KloudPLM is futuristic software with its highly configurable platform and higher data security grade that benefits industries in many ways. 

We enable your business to enter a whole new world of manufacturing. KloudPLM provides product innovation and helps speed up your manufacturing and production processes. 

While dealing with complex products, channels, networks, or services, KloudPLM can help you significantly roll out your product changes or upgrades to your employees, partners, or customers globally. KloudPLM enables you to easily collaborate on every single production phase. This in turn helps you make the best out of it by meeting customer expectations. 

KloudPLM is a modern cloud-based PLM solution that streamlines your product development process. KloudPLM helps your team connect effortlessly across the globe. Schedule a demo to find out how KloudPLM can help you transform your business processes.



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