Why Digital Thread Solutions is Being Adopted By Companies


The Era of  Digital Thread Solutions

As we are living in a new industrial era called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is defined as the digitalization of the manufacturing industry and the important role of information. In this era, how product design and manufacturing data are authored, communicated, and processed is important to competitiveness. Therefore, many organizations have started adopting digital thread solutions. 

The Digital Thread Solutions for smart manufacturing systems project will supply methodologies and protocols that expand and complete the digital thread for information running across design, manufacturing, and product support processes.

Digital thread solutions can use a number of technologies, but in an enterprise environment, they’re most typically used to connect data from CAD, product lifecycle management (PLM), Industrial IoT, ERP, CRM, MES, BOM, and other systems.

A digital thread solution refers to the digital twin’s capacity to be traced back to the physical asset’s requirements, parts, and control systems. “The use of digital tools and representations for design, evaluation, and life cycle management” is how the use of digital tools and representations for design, evaluation, and life cycle management is characterized.


Companies are Getting Warmer Towards Digital Thread

The industry is beginning to embrace the model-based enterprise paradigm. However, there are still many gaps to be filled. Be it in terms of integrating digital data through standards, building trust in a digital master, dealing with changes in business practices and culture, and continuing to develop tools to use data for decision making throughout the product lifecycle.

A product’s manufacturability can be controlled by both functional and non-functional design characteristics. Additionally, digital thread creates a closed loop between the digital and real worlds to manage goods, people, processes, and places. Furthermore, A comprehensive digital thread may now cover a company’s whole product lifecycle and extend outward to suppliers, consumers, and items, as well as workers in the fields.

The new technological concept is to use systems engineering concepts and emerging information technologies to establish methods for formally collecting and conveying requirements, intent, and feedback.


Benefits of Digital Thread Solutions

The following are the advantages of using Digital Threads:-

  •  Integrated view of your data from one division to the next

  •   Streamlined data arrangement across departments

  •   Instant access to data along the product value chain

  •  3D models that bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing

  •   A clearer picture of the product and the process

  •   Simplified compliance auditing and supply chain experience.


Hyundai Motor Group (HGC) is the world’s third-largest automobile manufacturer. They faced obstacles in designing hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs).  Such as determining which configuration would perform best for a specific vehicle and its intended purpose. The major goal was to allow the electric motor to assist the ICEs (internal combustion engines) in order to improve their efficiency. Additionally, parallel engineers spent extra time sizing components and designing the control algorithms that coordinate the electric motors and ICE’s collaboration for maximum efficiency.

These alterations have the adverse effect of lowering vehicle performance.

Since then they started utilizing PLM software. Which gave them excellent results, such as the ability to save development time and money by creating a more automated performance optimization process that included cutting-edge simulation capabilities. They collaborated on a project in which they digitally tested, verified, and calibrated a hybrid electric vehicle.

KloudPLM describes digital threads as a new standard for product lifecycle management (PLM). It offers a variety of benefits to help manufacturing companies improve their performance, including:-


We utilize KloudPLM to allow data-driven decisions across the design and production process by leveraging a seamless data and model-centric workflow.

Unique Product and Service

KloudPLM allows you to establish new business models, and increase revenue. It also aids to distinguish your organization by better understanding client usage habits and generating more specific items.

Expansion of services

KloudPLM helps us minimize service costs while also enhancing customer happiness. Through product intelligence, greater technician responsiveness, and increased service and business efficiency, 

Assembling Productivity

Our Platform helps to increase productivity throughout the manufacturing process.  As well as personnel preparation and safety, resulting in double-digit cost, asset efficiency, and production savings.

Marketing and Advertising

KloudPLM assists you in differentiating your business by utilizing virtual product demos, consumer product companions, product feedback. Furthermore, it facilitates augmented reality advertising and marketing tactics.


KloudPLM improves digital engineering data on the corporate deck by giving digital work instructions and product manufacturing information data to employees’ connected equipment.

Additionally, the Digital Thread for Smart Manufacturing Systems project will develop techniques and protocols for extending and completing the digital thread. This is for the information that runs across the design, manufacturing, and product support processes. Allowing smart manufacturing systems to be integrated.

Final Thoughts

KloudPLM assists in overcoming all criteria, including manufacturing process modeling, formal definition of part quality requirements, and measurement procedures. Furthermore, KloudPLM is a project lifecycle management system that focuses on standardization. Schedule a demo today to start your digital journey

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