Why is it so Tough to Handle Configuration Management in PLM?


The Problem of Configuration

Because everyone involved must commit to the methods, configuration management is a challenging discipline. Configuration management issues are more often than not caused by a lack of adherence to the processes.

There are a lot of possible difficulties when it comes to configuration management. 

Configuration management refers to how alternatives and variants in the items you make and sell are handled. Internal causes include a lack of coordination in engineering change control and management. There’s also the issue of how the procedure relates to multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). If you have the same products but sell them in different locations.

In a nutshell, configuration management is challenging because… well, it’s a complicated and difficult beast to handle.


In a nutshell, the configuration is challenging because… well, it’s a complicated and difficult beast to handle. As a result of failed configuration control systems, I’ve seen both smaller and larger organizations struggle with increasing scrap and rework, as well as unfinished items constructed and delivered. In this post, I’ll focus on the first issue, which has to do with organizational culture. That’s because configuration management, when done well, necessitates full commitment from all parties involved.


But why do we need configuration management in the first place?

Configuration management aims to simplify and automate business operations while also ensuring that a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes are consistent with its requirements, design, and operational data throughout its lifecycle. 

It’s a formal discipline that uses consistent identification to assist ensure the quality and long-term maintenance of complicated products. In a nutshell, configuration management is a systematic engineering method for managing and tracking configuration changes in order to assure traceability.

It’s critical to have accurate records of the state of your products, and baselining attributes guarantee that formal configuration change control methods work. This is useful for project management, asset management, and auditing.


Other advantages include:

  • By having a thorough understanding of all the components in your configuration, you can save money.

  • Defining and executing formal policies and procedures that govern asset identification, status monitoring, and auditing can help you maintain tight control over your processes.

  • Greater adaptability and problem-solving speed.

  • Knowing your baseline configuration and having access to design changes that avoid problems allows for efficient change management.

  • Improved release management and transparency in status reporting.


Why is it so tough to handle configurations?

Why is configuration management so difficult to conduct in the midst of complicated product development, along with project change control?

We’ve proven that configuration management necessitates an organized and formalized approach throughout the product lifecycle. There are well-defined roles and duties, as well as processes and planning, as well as four activities:

  • Determining the product structure and selecting configuration items, as well as documenting items, interfaces, and changes, are all part of the configuration identification process.

  • After the official establishment of a configuration item’s configuration documents, configuration (change) control is a mechanism for dealing with modifications made to it.

  • The structured recording and reporting of established documents, the state of requested changes, and the status of the implementation of approved changes are known as configuration status accounting.


KloudPLM makes configuration really simple. Creating and managing BOM configurations is no longer a time-consuming activity. Any company that wants to launch a similar product in a different form may now do so with simplicity. The configuration’s extensive management makes it transparent enough for designers to control their designs and observe a BOM with greater accuracy. Schedule a demo today to know more.



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